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Lenslist on AiR | Eugene Soh

The concept of modern AR design is still relatively fresh, but what never ceases to amaze us is how many outstanding minds have already appeared during its not so long existence… 💎 This time our guest, the star of today’s Lenslist On AiR, is a passionate photographic artist, game designer, programmer, and an AR Creator. […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | November 2022

Brand new day and brand new ARtistic inventors. 😁 Time to get a new dose of creativity and recharge your batteries for new achievements. 🏔️ Today we invite you to get inspired with us – and jump into a compilation of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow, where we once again gathered big-time talents […]

Creators’ Case Study – Karim Bouziane “The Maze”

In need of inspiration? We got you covered! Take a look at another edition of our Creators’ Case Study series, where we ask the most skilled developers to share their workflow of creating a filter! ⭐ This time we asked the one and only Karim – an architect & AR filters Creator, to guide us […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | October 2022

October is slowly coming to an end… 🍂 And since it would be impossible to pass on to another month without giving a proper shout-out to the most promising artists and developers 📣… We have prepared for you another compilation of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow! ✨ We’re really excited to share with […]

Lenslist on AiR | Denis Rossiev

Apparently, success is measured by patience, and every stumble can actually bring us closer to achieving our goal. 🤔 And that is exactly the lesson that our next guest learned! We invite you to another edition of our Lenslist on AiR🎙️ – this time starring the one and only Denis Rossiev, who stole our hearts […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | September 2022

As you all know, we’re trying to spread some digital awAReness and share outstanding Effects almost every day. ✨ We hope that, in this way, we could be an inspiration to someone, provide a dose of daily entertainment, or simply cheer you up after a long day. 🥰 However, none of this would be possible […]

Lenslist x Kenichiro Takamatsu

Have you ever boarded an AR train? 💥🚞 Today, you’ll get a chance! ✨ Our dear guest and yet another extraordinary digital artist, Kenichiro Takamatsu, will take you on a magical journey to the land of dreams, art and emotions. 💫 Known by the AR Community as Kenxxxooo, Kenichiro is far from an ordinary artist […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | August 2022

Being an artist is not simple, and creating in the AR world does not make the task any easier. And yet, every day our talented Creatives 💜 try to surpass themselves with ideas on how to create something outstanding, innovative and stunning, so that we can explore their works. That is why today we would […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | July 2022

Do you remember your beginnings in AR? 🌱 Everyone started somewhere… and look at how you’ve all grown! 🧡 Today we share with you 10 unique artists with 10 different stories and one thing that binds them together – passion for Augmented Reality. From the very beginnings to becoming experienced artists, from simple curiosity to […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | June 2022

Time for our favorite energy-filling routine! ⚡️ There is nothing that gives us so much energy and inspiration as getting to know more creative minds of AR! 🤩 Let us introduce to you another 10 amazing people with 10 incredible journeys – every each one is inspiring in their own way and you’ll see why! […]

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