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AR Talks | Irem & Elli from Cinehackers on Lens Studio Residency Program

Irem Harnak and Elli Raynai collaborate together as Cinehackers, creating immersive experiences and combining film, VR and AR in their projects. Recently, they’ve started to create Snapchat Lenses, after entering the Lens Studio Residency with Storytelling as the main subject. AR Creator Residency Program is a global initiative for artists, developers and designers to explore […]

AR talks | Joshua Keeney

Joshua Keeney is an artist and Official Lens Creator with lost of inspiring and spiritual artworks made. We’ve talked with him about art’s ability to help defining one’s identity and Lens Studio exciting new features. Hi Joshua! It’s a great pleasure to guest you in AR talks. First, please tell us something about yourself. How […]

AR talks | Olga Isupova aka

Olga Isupova, widely known as, is an incredibly popular Instagram AR artist who was named by @facebookcurated the forefront of digital reneissance. She told us about her artistic style, collaborating on AR filters and her view on the future of virtual fashion. Hi Olga! First of all, please tell us something about yourself. What […]

AR talks | Tony Wild

Tony Wild is the owner of Wild Portals, an AR/VR agency focused on sports marketing. He is an experienced marketing specialist and Snapchat Lens Studio Creator. We are very glad to welcome him to AR talks and ask him some questions concerning his experiences with AR and working with clients. Hi Tony! First of all, […]

AR talks | JP Pirie

JP Pirie is an AR creator and Official Lens Creator living in London. JP works professionally in the field of digital design and is likely the most prolific producer of Snap Lenses on the planet averaging 2-3 lenses a day; having produced over 2000 to date! Hi JP! First, please tell us more about yourself. […]

AR talks | Jan Trejo

This time our guest is Jan Trejo (@janmahavan), an experienced Instagram AR creator who takes a lot of ideas from his passions. Read to know what keeps him motivated and what kind of filters have a chance of staying popular for a longer time. Hi, Jan! First, please tell us something about yourself and your […]

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