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AR Talk | Jiatong Liu

Constantly searching for new ways of interacting with digital and physical means, Jiatong Liu – our today’s AR Talk guest – uncovers more about herself, her art, the future of AR and how it all blends together. ✨🧚 Jiatong’s unique style and an innovative approach to digital creations can be seen in her installations, 3D […]

AR Talk | Maxim Kuzlin

It’s always a pleasure to talk with the Creators after some time – we can enjoy a nice, sentimental journey back to the past and see how much has changed – for the better of course! 😉💛 And today we’re taking Maxim Kuzlin, another talented digital Creator, on exactly such a remARkable trip through his […]

Lenslist on AiR | Gijsbert Wahl

Our dear Creators, the long-awaited second episode of Lenslist On AiR has just arrived and we are buzzing with excitement for today’s interview! You’ll see why… 👀 Rather than an interview, it’s more like a truly artistic and profound journey through the meanings of art, importance of the Community and everything in between – a […]

AR Talk | Sarah Fontinele

Brazil is her home, ARt is her therapy – meet Sarah Fontinele, our today’s AR Talks guest! ⭐️ She’s a Creator very close to our hearts and the winner of two Weekly Selection Special Editions. 🥳 AR immediately sparked her interest and got all the creativity going – now Sarah’s portfolio is filled with stunning […]

Lenslist on AiR | Anne Horel

We love to be loud when speaking about something important and what matters even more – we’d love to give YOU, our AR Creators, a voice. 🙌🏻 Let us introduce… our first ever extended interviews – Lenslist On AiR – a new format where you can see and hear our talented guests. 🎥⭐️ During the […]

AR Talk | Helena Dong

Today’s AR Talk has landed straight from NYC – and awaits for you with exclusive content. ⭐️ Starring Helena Dong – an interdisciplinary designer and creative technologist blending AR with fashion and visions of the future. Her incredible talent and concepts have been recognized by Brands and Creators all over the world – from Nike […]

AR Talk | Piper ZY

The design of a virtual city… on a nail? 🤩💅🌆 Since the end of 2021, Piper ZY, an extraordinary AR artist, has been on everyone’s lips – with her micro art, she’s become a big game-changer in the AR world. Everything started from an experimental concept of placing a mini virtual city on a nail […]

AR Talk | Damon Cho

From an Alien to a Disney Villian to a Pin-Up Girl. Damon Cho, our today’s AR Talk star, can recreate them all in real life – and do even more in AR. He puts his stunning artistic skills into making aesthetic AR Effects, 3D Art and Illustrations, and also running a YouTube channel with makeup […]

AR Talk | Dario Marturano

🌙✨ Turn off the lights, play some electronic music, and travel to a world of colorful visuals and mind-blowing sounds! This vibe will be perfect for reading our next AR Talk – featuring Dario Marturano – an awesome, multidisciplinary artist from Italy 👾🔥 His art and projects are all about music, lights, and technology – […]

AR Talk | Rory Scott

12 years spent on a project, the concept of time and reality…Intrigued? We definitely are! 🤩 In today’s AR Talk Rory Scott, a multidisciplinary artist from the US, will tell you about her journey and unveil the mysteries behind her art 🌌⏳ Let’s embark on our magical trip inside Rory’s vision of the Universe! 3…2…1… […]

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