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AR Talks | Sedef Ertem

Sedef Ertem is a talented graphic and 3D motion designer who started experimenting with AR filters for fun – at first. Now, she is a freelancer Spark AR nad Lens Studio Creator. Discover her journey, try her filters and read about her must-watch animations – all in the interview below 👇 Hi, Sedef! We will […]

AR Talks | Phil Walton

Our today’s guest is Phil Walton, who you must have heard about already – his viral characters like Potato, Pickle and Squid all turned into Lenses have been used by Snapchatters literally billions of times. He’s one of the Creators, who stuck to his style and proved that originality combined with persistence and ingenuity is […]

AR Talks | Denis Rossiev

Denis Rossiev, a brilliant multiplatform AR Creator from cold Siberia, has accepted our invitation and answered our questions considering his AR journey and plans for the future. Dive in to know more about his filters and read his very vivid comparison of Spark AR (Instagram studio) and Snap’s Lens Studio 👇 Denis, first please tell […]

AR Talks | CyreneQ, Queen of Snapchat

Cyrene Quiamco is a Snapchat superstar. Named the ‘Snapchat’s Queen’, she has become an artist and influencer there long before they’ve introduced AR Lenses, drawing doodles and creating interactive stories: at first for her friends, then for tens of thousands of fans, and finally for brands, which made it possible for her to leave her […]

AR Talk With Kavin Kumar – Multiplatform AR Creator

Kavin Kumar is one of the most prolific AR Creators from India, who works both in Lens Studio and Spark AR. We’ve been observing his work for quite some time now and what’s interesting about his portfolio is how versatile it is – he keeps surprising us with utilizing technologies like Machine Learning or coming […]

AR Talks | Helen Breznik – Queen of Full Body Tracking

Helen Breznik is an AR Creator from Toronto, but to call her “just” an AR Creator would be a misunderstanding. She’s a multidisciplinary artist, combining photography with graphic design and turning it all digital. In terms of social media AR, she’s definitely one of the most inspiring Creators out there, constantly experimenting and utilizing all […]

AR Talks | Irem & Elli from Cinehackers on Lens Studio Residency Program

Irem Harnak and Elli Raynai collaborate together as Cinehackers, creating immersive experiences and combining film, VR and AR in their projects. Recently, they’ve started to create Snapchat Lenses, after entering the Lens Studio Residency with Storytelling as the main subject. AR Creator Residency Program is a global initiative for artists, developers and designers to explore […]

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