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AR Talk | Justin Woehrlé

This time the guest of our AR Talk and source of inspiration is Justin, a designer, Creator and an ARtist with an inexhaustible supply of out-of-the-ordinary ideas. 🤩 Stylish, daring, knowing no bounds, his projects will unquestionably allow you to get lost in the fascinating AR universe. 💫✨ Truth be told, his path was difficult […]

AR Talk | José Venturim Morgam Júnior

One thing is certain, discovering success stories of others who have achieved their goals always has an inspiring effect and gives a motivational kick-start to action.💥 This is precisely why we have asked José Venturim Morgam Júnior – a creative and skilled AR Creator – to be another guest of our AR Talk series! 🎙️ […]

AR Talk | Bianca Garutti

Today we have a very special interview to share with you! 🎙️Get ready for an inspirational chat with an iconic AR Creator, whose digital make-up looks and face-mask Effects became viral on Instagram! 💄💃 In this edition of AR Talks we have an honor to introduce you to Bianca Garutti! 💫 We wanted to get […]

Lenslist on AiR | Mitsuko Ono

Do you know the saying: third time’s a charm? 👀 In our case it worked – as we completely fell under the charm of today’s Lenslist on AiR guest! ⭐️ Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the Augmented Reality world and talk to yet another one of the creatives in our Community. 💜🎙️ Today we […]

AR Talk | Ines Alpha

Her style is impossible to forget and her face masks send users to magical, dreamy, fantasy places… Do you already have in mind who’s our AR Talk guest? 🌙👽 Today, we have the greatest pleasure to chat with Ines Alpha, a 3D artist based in Paris, whose beauty filters take makeup and self expression to […]

AR Talk | Bruno Wendricky

Passion for technology, knowledge and growth is what drove Bruno Wendricky, our today’s AR Talks guest, to become an experienced AR Creator from Brazil and a role model for people just starting their augmented journey. 🚀He’s grown so much personally, started working with big brands and now he wants to help the Brazilian AR Community […]

AR Talk | Laura Gouillon

You may have seen today’s AR Talk guest on TikTok, accepting weird and funny requests from users and making the coolest randomizers ever… rings a bell? 😏🔥 Let’s welcome Laura Gouillon – the mastermind behind the craziest TikTok roulettes – and more. Her humor, diverse skills and artistic background together lead to outstanding AR works, […]

AR Talk | Karol Sudolski

An artist by “accident”, driven by chance and randomness straight into the world of art – let’s welcome Karol Sudolski, a Milan-based visual artist and our today’s honorable AR Talk guest. ✨🫧💿His thought-provoking works are centered around feelings, humans and what’s not necessarily perfect about them. Today Karol shares with us his story – how […]

Immerse Into a Dream with Visualize.mee

Have you ever dreamt of being inside a botanical fairy tale? 🌸🧚Just imagine – you’re surrounded by different magical species, sculptures, the sea… And now, let’s add something more to this beautiful scenery – art pieces by the amazing and talented AR Creator – Olga Isupova (@visualize.mee). Together with her, we made this fairy tale […]

AR Talk | Kim Alban

She’s genuinely passionate about design and new technology. 🦾 From a great experienced UX designer to a digital creator! 💜 Meet Kim Alban, the AR Effects star ⭐️ that shares her knowledge and helps people improve their skills in creating filters. 🙏 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Your TikTok content is a paradise for tech enthusiasts and it makes […]

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